Share a future perspective

Create a shared vision and strategy to work with the tension of your future perspective and current operations.

We help you to consider all the drivers of change and onboard your people to make the change successful.



We help leaders and entrepreneurs to understand the emerging future and prepare for the coming Creative Age.


We speak about the emerging human-centered future beyond the year 2030 and how to start preparing today. We teach about the reframing of leadership and how to create a glorious future of well-being and learning for those you lead.


Receive your strategic goals from your future perspective and create a strategy for development and execution.


We facilitate a creative dialogue to discover insights, confidence and commitment for you and your team to create your preferred future or solve strategic challenges. We unlock the creative potential of your organization to be ready for the emerging future.


Live a life of continual learning to lead by example with integrity, creativity and excellence


We coach leaders and entrepreneurs to find their voice, to define their future identity and manage themselves. We support the transition to a learning organization, desired culture and preferred leadership style to lead people into future growth.

What we do:

We partner with leaders to help them to unlock their people and bring their business to life. Our approach is one of online coaching and onsite facilitation.

A Human-Centered approach for competence development and future growth. An approach to view the present from the future, explore the future and define the needed preparation to create the future.


The existing state of people, organization and strategy sustained by the present mindset.


Explore your future perspective of new creative possibilities to choose your preferred future.


Shift your unique identity and align it with your future perspective to create your preferred future.


Receive your future state from your preferred future and set next year’s strategic goals.


Create a strategy to bridge the gap between your present and future state for development and growth.

An (w)holistic approach to create a culture of well being and effective learning, sustained with a learning organization and the ability to execute strategy. It is a portfolio to create the future together.


great people who are all about human relationship, being meaningful and personal growth.


the ability to arrange and sustain success, to deliver results and achieve goals together.


a shared future perspective with focus and direction for people and organization to go forward.


going first in developing the right attitude, empowering others and leading by example.


moving upwards by shifting paradigm and adapting actions to deliver different results.

Organization Flow

the environment for people to grow, the expression of values and what people really belief.


Cultivating an eco-system of continual learning and well-being, with a human centered design.

Are you interested? We invite you to connect with us to talk it through.



We facilitate a collaborative discovery process to formulate each client’s unique path to their own, preferred future.


We operate between organizational layers. As a result we connect ‘experimential learning’ and ‘leading by example’ for growth.


We facilitate a creative dialog to help you solve the strategic problems concerning products, services, policies or relations.


With 20+ yr of experience in learning, business model innovation and organizational change we explore the new thing.


Before we talk purpose, we shine a spotlight across your organization to fully understand its people and dynamics.


We coach leaders to lead themselves, others and growth. Personal connection is a key in our advisory service.


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    Frequently asked questions

    Empowerment is currently one of the most used business words. This is not a hype, a trend, a philosophy, a method or a leadership model. It is the natural expression of a healthy mindset.

    The goal of empowerment is to help others grow to be meaningful and add value. This is about bringing someone in the flow of learning and well being. It requires a personal paradigm shift and it needs an organization model to support and sustain it. Such a model is the opposite of a status based organization.

    It is a model where the master and the learner, the accountable and the responsible work together.

    Leadership and management are two different dimensions. To echo Covey: you lead people and you manage things.

    True leadership is setting you up for chaos and coaches you to create order in the midst of it. Chaos is the place where new knowledge (innovation) is gained.

    We believe in sprints. They are the best way to bring disruptive change. During a 4 days period it is possible to change attitude, adjust behavior and start creating a new culture.

    We also believe in workshops, which create a breakthrough and can be up to two days.

    And we believe in rhythms, which are annual strategic initiatives, with quarterly activity planning. These change programs include both sprints and workshops to change the game!

    Daily operations are framed in so called habitual thinking. To disrupt habitual thinking we facilitate the most natural way of learing and discovering something new: Play!

    We unlock new levels of creative thinking to deliver insight, confidence and commitment.

    If you can bypass your head, listen to your heart and trust your hands the emerging future will be revealed.