Team Development

5 years ago
This is the second video in the series of accountability. I like to share with you my thoughts and some insights about team development and accountability. 


The transscript of the video is:


In part one I shared the accountability pyramid of personal growth, developing your identity and being accountable to yourself. In part two I connect this pyramid with belonging to the right team. A living team, a place of development.


The foundation of a health living teams is vulnerability. Vulnerability goes beyond trusting the other person.  It is about trusting yourself to be open and authentic to the other team members. It is about sharing your mistakes so the other members can learn from your experience and it is about sharing your victories so others can repeat them for themselves. 


Vulnerability is about trusting others and be ready to listen and be influenced.


This prevents a team from being a place where shame forces the members to keeping up the appearance or create an illusion of community. 


Based on vulnerability it should be possible to confront each other with their personal behavior or a vision which is not in line with the direction or focus of the team. Team members should be allowed to challenge each others worldview in the interests of the personal growth of the other member.


This will lead to a shared worldview and should prevents any form of artificial harmony. No hidden areas of frustration or experiencing pressure to conform and fit in.


Based on shared worldview, where everyones beliefs are valued, ownership appears. Ownership is the result of having a shared worldview where every team member is heard and could contribute. Being heard creates the sense of belonging and the natural reaction is involvement.


This involvement will only work if the team is developing in the same direction as each individual member believes to be right. In other words the team development is meaningful for the personal growth of each team member. 


This type of ownership leaves no room for vagueness, simply because their is no confusion about personal intentions, worldview or trust.


Every team member is responsible form their own behavior and accountable to themselves and the team for behaving according their personal mindset, their shifted paradigm.


With a healthy sense of responsibility people will still make mistakes, but they will be able to fix, learn and clean up their own mess. This way excellence is pursued and will rule out low standards or the acceptance of them.


A team has been created to execute a certain task or to attain a strategic goal. This means a team should deliver results. Shared results. Like the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and It won’t work when one part is missing.


Each team member is adding their best self to the team, in skills and character, which means each team member is developing a strong identity, and is accountable to themselve first. They are pursuing personal growth because they want to finish well.


Based on the personal gain of belonging to the team and the satisfaction of achieving personal goals and delivering shared results their is no room for entitlement. Which means no one is protecting a personal status or is driven by their own ego. 


As one team – each member is willing to take the position and role which contributes to the shared results and their personal purpose. To conclude this drawing I like to make a statement about shared purpose. A team will only have a future and is only healthy and protecting personal identity if it is rooted in shared purpose. Without a known shared purpose none of what I shared will be easy to achieve. 


Be accountable to yourself and surround yourself with people who share purpose.

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