Cycle of Life – part II

5 years ago
Arjan Visser
This video is the second part of cycle of life (Theory U). I like to share with you my thoughts and some insights about this cycle. 


The transscript of the video is:


In part one I shared the gap between your current state and your desired future state. In part two I take your in depth through the journey of developing your future identity.
Any change in your life will experience the voice of judgement, this could both from the outside or your inner voice. 
It talks to your head, your intelligence. It analyses how hard the circumstances are, This voice talks to you based on past experiences and probably tells you, your are not good enough. 
Together with the tension between your current state and future state this will lead to frustration.
When you keep pushing you will meet the voice of cynicism, it plays your emotions and it makes you feel the pain it costs to continue.
If you are willing to pay this price the voice of fear will try to close your will. Now it is time to let go your ego, this is like dying of your old self, and preparing yourself to develop your future identity.
When your are connected to your source of life, your future identity can be explored and with its voice of peace you are able to rise and shine. 
With its voice of joy the state of your heart can be grateful, which leads to generosity a state of heart. 
And with the voice of righteousness you will be able to express yourself with acts of righteousness, to be the influence your surroundings need to be changed. It enables you to do the right things in pursuing your purpose.
Your future identity is connected to your assignment. It is about developing your gifts and talents to become competent and fulfill your assignment.
When you engage and hang on your probably will finish your cycle. If your give up you will probably have another chance in life to redo the whole cycle. When you have finished your current cycle the next one is probably waiting for you to keep growing in competence.

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