Personal Growth

6 years ago
Arjan Visser
This video is the first part about accountability. I like to share with you my thoughts and some insights about personal growth and accountability. 


The transscript of the video is:


Personal growth is about developing your identity and being accountable to yourself. It is about experience based learning. Which starts by developing mental models during the experience of something new. 


The key is to gain understanding and new knowledge from your experience. 


This will infuence you in how you see things, it will challenge your beliefs, and if accepted it will redefine your attitude. 


This creates a new mindset, a paradigm shift to influence your behavior. Behavior is a natural consequence of what you believe. Behavior can not be modified, unless new experiences redefine your beliefs. 


This is a very short explanation of the five steps of learning.


The impact of learning is behavior manifested through actions, which should lead to the results you desire.
If the results do not line up with your expectations a disruption could be needed. A disruption is an invitation to a new worldview. This is the trigger for a new experience.


Such a disruption is like a confrontation, it provides an invitation and it is up to you to be embrace it or not.


This invitation happens in an encounter with an expert, this could be by another person or your source in life. Like I shared in ‘the cycle of life’


In this whole pyramid of accountability you are the one in control. It is up to you to embrace the invitation, to accept the understanding of new knowledge, to allow a paradigm shift and adjust your actions to represent you. 


Be accountable to your present and future self first.

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