Cycle of Life – part I

5 years ago
Arjan Visser
In this video I like to share with you my thoughts and some insights about the cycle of life (Theory U) in two parts, this is part one.


The transscript of the video is:


Do you know that sense of pro-motion, it could be the sense of a specific upgrade, or your assignment or even your future. 
The reality is that their is a gap between your current state and your future state. 
Your current state is described in behavioral patterns and reference of past experiences. 
It also includes the dreams, the desires and passion, or even prophetic insights which feed the tension in your current state and the sense of emerging change. 
Life it self is a sequence of events, up and down written in time makes it looks like a cosines. 
Moving forward increased the tension and the experiences of not being competent enough to enter your future state.
This is the invitation to a journey of developing your future identity to growth and being competent.

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I like invite you to connect with me to take this concept and make it tangible for you. It is my gift to make it concrete together. Please use this link to apply for a free strategic session.

In my next video I will share in-depth the journey of developing your future identity.

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