Openness for Novelty

7 years ago

Is it an hype to talk about ‘thinking out of the box’ or is it pivotal for decision making?

Psychology mentions novelty seeking as a personal trait which is key for impulsive decision making. Definitely not the only trait to be used for decision making, but what if we leave it out of the process? What if we only make decisions based on what we have experienced in the past and are only using our reference of understanding for future decision making?

Some would say it is unwise or even insane to do impulsive decision making, but wasn’t it Einstein himself who narrowed down insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”? 

So how to recreate “openness to novelty” to accompany a stronger developed “opens for experience”? It is time to get your brain fit and raise your levels of dopamine, check your diet!