April 15th,


This is my 46th birthday, it has been a crazy year since my last birthday and the launch or the first future challenge. I’m grateful for the opportunity of running with so many innovators, pioneers and entrepreneurs in the discovery of their preferred future.

This is the reason I’ll give you a birthday gift.

15 years ago, I started asking myself how I could become the same person of influence at home, at work and in society.

This started me on a journey of discovering that I could develop a future perspective, and look back from there to gain wisdom through recognizing the emerging patterns in my life.

Whilst I’m still on the journey, I have gained incredible insights into how to use creativity to visualisemy life in the future, who I want to become, and from this vantage point “back-cast” to determine my goals for the year ahead.  This has changed my life forever.

In this challenge I am giving you direct access to all my insights into how to create a future perspective based on your calling, purpose and desires.

I will share with you what I have learned  about using your life journey to find your sound and how to develop your unique voice of influence.


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  • A private 1-on-1 coaching session to reflect on your results.
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Join me and other leaders and pioneers from around the world for an adventure, a 5-day challenge to Align Your Future!

We will focus future growth and how to make choices to support your personal journey that fits your life best.

Until now this coaching has only been available to people who invested €300 per hour or more…

As my birthday gift to you, this 5-day challenge is now FREE! no strings attached.

We are living  in a crazy time of discomfort and uncertainty. This is the time for you to rise and shine. When all this is over, I want to look back and know that I did all I could do to love and serve people and that I used this difficult time to realign to my true purpose.

If you are ready to Align Your Future then join me and other leaders, owners, entrepreneurs and creators for a FREE 5-day “Align Your Future” Challenge and let’s create the future together.

Peace and Rest,



  • Do you want to discover your preferred future?
  • Do you want to be intentional and spend your time well?
  • Do you want to be focused and position yourself for the best tomorrow?


  • A 5-day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge to shape your future perspective, focussing on future growth and making intentional choices for the best future.
  • Participate in the live daily ZOOM call, watch the Facebook LIVE or the replay on demand.
  • A daily Q&A to reflect and deep dive into new insights
  • An ongoing exchange of experiences within a private Facebook group, a safe place.
  • Interaction with new connections for mutual inspiration and encouragement.
  • The Align Your Future Challenge is designed to fit into your personal or professional development time.

Time Sensitive: This 5-day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge will give you a fresh will give you a fresh future perspective for focus, growth, or making intentional choices for the best future.


Human Centered Futurist: Leading individuals to read the times and start preparing for a new age beyond 2030, a Creative Age of people first

Strategy Facilitator: Serving organizations of all sizes to move forward and upwards by focusing on the right things to do

​Executive Coach: Partnering with leaders and entrepreneurs for their own growth and of those they lead to increase the impact of their actions

Mastermind Host: Connecting leaders to find their voice of influence and accelerate individual convergence of home, work and society

A 5 Day adventure of new insights and future language…

It is all about finding new lauguage. Yesterday’s words repeat the past, today’s confirms the present, but only tomorrow’s language creates the future – Arjan Visser


I want to develop a clear picture of the fruits I want in my life in the next season…

– Benj Street (United Kingdom)

I want to stay focused and know when to say yes or no…

– Kerstin Schaupp (Germany)

I want to understand who I should become…

– Trond H. Sand (Norway)